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Video conferencing that starts on time.

No more downloads. No more pin numbers. We focus on creating an experience people enjoy.

Why people love OpenRoom:

  • Personal Room Links (
  • Customization options, add some color to your life!
  • Straighforward buttons, no more in-meeting confusion.
  • It’s free!


We built OpenRoom for you.


Name Your Room

You’re more than a string of numbers to us. Choose a custom room name you love!


Personalize It

We’re not saying gray & white is bad, it’s just a little bleh. Add some color to your digital life with customizable room options.


Show It Off

Joining a video call in one-click is pretty amazing. Impress your friends and colleagues with this cool new video conferencing tool you found.

Stay Secure With OpenRoom

Keeping your conversations secure is what we do. We encrypt every video and audio stream with AES 256 cipher suites over TLS protocol. Our entire website is a trusted environment protected with a CA issued domain authentication certificate with SHA-256 encryption— meaning no matter what room you open, you stay secure with OpenRoom.

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Single Room


  • Custom OpenRoom Link (
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Room Lock
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat

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  • 5 Custom Room Links
  • Custom Brand Settings
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What is OpenRoom?

OpenRoom is a simple video conferencing solution that allows people to quickly connect with their friends and colleagues. Most people use OpenRoom to instantly sync with their team members, set up one-on-one’s, or do ad-hoc presentations to remote customers.

With OpenRoom you can talk and share video (using computer audio and webcam), share your screen, chat, and invite your team members instantly.

OpenRoom works in the browser - you don’t need to download or install software to start or join a meeting.

How do I start using OpenRoom?

  • Go to
  • Click 'Start Meeting'
  • Allow OpenRoom to use your webcam and mic - and you’re ready to go!
  • Invite others by copying meeting link and sharing it via email, chat or social media.

Do I need to sign in?

OpenRoom doesn’t require you to create an account before starting or joining a meeting. Creating an account allows you to access some of the room customization options like room name.

Get your account set up in seconds by logging in with your Facebook or Google account. We are not collecting any data from your social accounts and we do not post anything on your behalf as stated in our privacy policy.

How many people can get together on OpenRoom?

OpenRoom is designed for small meetings with up to 6 participants. More participants can join the meeting based on the available bandwidth. If you notice poor quality video or connection issues, please have meeting participants disable video.

How is OpenRoom different from other video conferencing solutions?

OpenRoom does not require any downloads, plugins, or sign up for you or your guests. Just share a meeting room link (URL) and start collaborating. That simple.

OpenRoom is optimized for…

  • Huddle meetings between small groups of people (1 - 6)
  • Simplicity and ease of use, over robust feature sets
  • Quick meetings. Instantly hop in and out of rooms.
  • Customization. Every user gets their own personal room name and custom settings.

What do I need to use OpenRoom?

You need a desktop computer (PC, Mac, Linux or Chromebook) with an internet connection and an internet browser. You need the latest version of your browser. Chrome is recommended, though OpenRoom also works on Firefox and Safari. Ensure you and your attendees have a working mic and speakers / headset. Webcam is required if you’d like to share video. On the settings screen, the user can select exactly what devices are used in the video conference.

How do I contact technical support?

Please reach out to OpenRoom tech support by emailing Although, you can also contact us using our feedback form or by choosing “Feedback” in the in-session bottom-left corner menu.

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